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No matter if you wear vintage clothing regularly or just want some flair in your everyday wardrobe, we have something special for you at The Vintage Haberdashery!
Our retail selection is packed with amazing, one-of-a-kind vintage pieces from the 1920s through the 1980s.
We absolutely love our vintage purses and handbags, costume jewelry, and fabulous vintage hats too!
Going to a theme party?
We have everything you need to really stand out in our rental section!
Authentic vintage and reproduction costumes as far back as the 1890s. We work hard to make you look your very best from head to toe!!
Come visit us and we promise you'll have such a good time, you will become a regular!
For information about rentals, please call or stop by!

our history

The Vintage Haberdashery has been a St. Louis hot spot since 1982, originally located in Soulard, with our second home on S. Grand and our permanent residency on the Morgan Ford strip!

"Who do you want to be? A game-show host? A flapper? Dracula? Do you need it for a play? A murder-mystery party? Halloween?
No matter what the answer, Jolie at Vintage Haberdashery, just south of Tower Grove Park, is your girl. Tell her what you need.
She'll disappear into her back room and come back with exactly the right wardrobe to turn you into somebody else.
Costumes are available for purchase or rental at extremely reasonable rates, and everything is dry-cleaned before it goes into the back room so you don't have to wear the stains of somebody else's debauchery." - River Front Times, 2010 Best of St. Louis
"This place is the fortune of the vintage clothes shopper. Thumbing through the racks, one can quickly and effortlessly find a one-of-a-kind classic that will be the wistful envy of fashion forward friends. The staff is undoubtedly thrilled about the clean, well-preserved, high-quality treasures they've collected, and fancy sharing that joy with customers. The Vintage Haberdashery is often a first stop for costume party-goers, but many come through to inspect the aisles for casual period pieces for everyday use. Whether shopping for an event, or just strolling through the neighborhood, this trip down memory runway is bound to spark conversation." - Yahoo
"Since 1982, this South St. Louis treasure has offered an immaculate collection of fun, fashionable, ultra-retro attire for both men and women. And for those interested in doing some very early Halloween shopping, this is a must-visit." - Airtran Magazine
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